#LifeLessons - How to deal with disappointment!


Be cool. No?
We're all taught to be passionate and warm and be driven by what moves us. What that doesn't teach you is what to do when for all your warmth and passion, you fail repeatedly at the things that matter most to you. What then?
Read and watch enough crime fiction and thrillers and you will come to think that cool compartmentalization and cutting off from the emotion of the moment with steely precision is the for the skillful sociopath, for the remorseless, for the clinically ill. But maybe there is more to it.
If, like me, you like to figure stuff out and stay at the helm of your own life as much as possible, you'll find good reason to hear me out. More than a coping mechanism, useful employment of cool detachment could just save you from many things, possibly even yourself.
The last few couple of years have perplexed me. I know now what a truly emotional roller coaster ride looks like and feels like. I have been distraught over the death of some one who was no more than a distant acquaintance who studied with me in college, yet I had an uncharacteristically almost numb reaction to someone who recently passed away. Someone I was close to, terribly fond of and someone who died peacefully, yet unexpectedly.
The thing that struck me most was the cold realization, that 'to borrow from Jeff Goldblum’s iconic quote in Jurassic Park "Life finds a way." Whether you have closure or not, whether you collapse into pieces or stand tall, minutes later, you move ever forward. Time doesn't heal, it only onward thrusts, masterfully dulling pain and embellishing the good stuff.
Suddenly, cool detachment begins to look like a great tool to have in your utility belt. Watch and learn from those who wield it at will and you might just figure out why it keeps them sane. I was of the opinion that emotion made you human, but I'm  beginning to understand that mastery of your emotion is what makes you a survivor.  
Think I have this on backwards? Tell me why in the comments.

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