You won't believe what I got when I ordered skinny jeans off Amazon!


The next time Amazon sends you the 'wrong' thing, here's what should happen next.

If there was a time before Amazon, I scarcely remember it. It’s quickly become a staple and one of those places I’ve come to trust for giving me dependable products and services.

This, however, is a slightly more cautionary tale of what we as customers should never forget. Firstly, every organisation is fallible – even a behemoth like Amazon (No, really!). Secondly - it is our duty to report and follow up on cases when we know others might get duped. Thirdly – we must hold the systems in place to the highest standards and continuous scrutiny.


I ordered two pairs of Levis jeans off Amazon at 50% off the marked price. First pair arrived, fit and all well. Now I couldn’t wait for pair #2. It was delivered with all the correct labels and packaging. But something was wrong… no everything. Size, fit, colour – nothing except the label was correct. 

I went online to order a larger size and was met by the all too familiar – “currently unavailable”. While folding the pants away for return/refund, a bill of sale fell out of the pocket complete with credit card details and cell no of the person who purchased it. Again, I was shocked.

Turns out it was purchased from a well known deep-discount store and sold for almost 140% mark up  - nothing wrong with that. What should have raised a red flag was what follows.

A quick search for the seller review showed that 7 of 8 reviews were negative and all had the same issue. Wrong products / fake products etc.

Yet, this seller was not banned? Confused? Me too.

I called Amazon's trusty customer service on three separate occasions and went through a number of 'helpful' and 'overly apologetic' employees to finally get a response that sounded somewhat like the seller was going to be investigated and banned, and ONLY because I raised a COMPLAINT.

With so many negative reviews, I wondered why this hadn’t happened earlier. Short answer – no one registered a 'formal' complaint with Amazon.

While its easy to go on a big bad Amazon witch hunt, I think as customers who purchase things online, it we can't abandon our responsibility and do the requisite checks when we make a purchase. I have almost always received stellar service at Amazon. But sometimes, fake/poor quality products and iffy sellers slip through the cracks. We get it.

But, I think, instead of the regular round of social media shaming, working with Amazon is a fair more solution-oriented idea.

We need to help :

a) Tighten, streamline all in all, overhaul quality checks on sellers.


b) Review as many purchases when you're satisfied and file that formal complaint when you're unhappy instead of biting off customer service reps heads.

Most importantly,

c) Spread the word and follow up.

I know you’re probably thinking – “I have better things to do, than this nonsense.”

In the interest of your future online purchases and those of everyone else – do it. It doesn’t take too long and being part of the solution trumps being part of the problem every time. 

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