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This isn't your average electronic device review, but it will tell you a few things, few of them can.

I'm not really an on/over ear headphone person. Well, so I thought until I spied the Bose® QuietComfort® 35 's in SWISS International duty-free catalogue. My first thought - way too expensive! Well at least for a pragmatic buyer has no 'real need' for noise cancellation in everyday life.

Even so, I found myself ambling into the nearest electronic store that stocks them rather quickly. Switch them on and the effect is instant. Most of the background noise sinks to a soft mumble. It almost catches you by surprise. A quick test drive to Bohemian Rhapsody and you realise that here's an almost silken quality to the balance of sound. Exactly what I expect from Bose.

Well, the matte black Bose® QuietComfort® 35 soon found its way to me as a fantastic anniversary gift. Unboxing is always fun - rifling through all the bits and bobs, syncing to my iPhone 6 and finally .... sweet, sweet music to my ears, quite literally!

Fast forward 6 months and I can say confidently, there is very little these headphones can improve on. For instance should you want to use the headphone with the cord, it's way too short unless you purchase an additional one.

In humid conditions, the cans tend to get hot and sweaty. But, nothing a quick antibacterial wipe down and some air drying won't solve. There is no option to turn off the noise cancellation feature - but then again, why would I? For the most part, these niggles aren't much to complain about. 

Multitasking during the course of a day with a newborn in tow isn't easy. But, when I've got something that syncs effortlessly to two devices - in my case my primary laptop and my iphone6 - has no wires and a battery life that almost takes me through 3/4 days of intermittent use before it shows signs of flagging, life is definitely looking up. 

Here are my two bits on what I love most about the Bose QC35's.
1. Anything that allows me to properly store my hard working devices, makes me incredibly happy. In this case, the hard carrying case may seem a bit bulky but is well-designed. Rounded corners, sturdy zipper, flush mesh pocket inside to hold the USB charging cable and Audio cable for wired connection and the slot for the airplane adaptor all fit neatly into the design. 

You quickly get used to folding the earpiece correctly and you'll notice it's a snug fit. Just to get you through the first few days of learning to store them, a flap-like instructional label on the inside of the case is a neat addition. 


2. No cables and the effortless sync on powering up the headset means I can walk my dog while listening to my favourite playlist or enjoy a long chat seamlessly. Fair warning: The mic is so sensitive that I usually get asked where I am and why everything is so loud. 

The Bluetooth is so responsive that on a number of occasions, I've had my phone lying beside the headphones (turned off). Phone rings and I know it's going to be a long call. It takes all of a few seconds to snap on the headphones, turn them on and as they turn on and sync, the call is answered - all in a couple of seconds. That's just fantastic!

3. As a city girl, I can honestly say, the noise cancellation is easily one of my favourite treats. Sometimes I feel like turning them on sans music just to grab a few moments of quiet time. Just don't expect it to cut the noise out entirely because some miracles are beyond the scope of even the best noise cancelling headphones.
Though, I'd recommend caution if you're wearing them out and about the city. Ambient noise seems to melt into the background and that's not the best thing especially while crossing roads and navigating the ever chaotic stream of city traffic in India.
4. Can I SAY great battery life again! The official website says the battery lasts for 20 hours and while I haven't really tested it to either prove or disprove the claim, I have only high praise for it. Most Bluetooth devices require frequent charging and lugging around an extra battery pack or charging cables when you're out and about. In this case, no battery pack and no extra wires make this an almost fuss-free addition to your bag. The headphone works up to a full charge quickly and gives you a status update every time you switch them on. I usually let them work down to 'low battery' status before I plug em in for some more juice.
5. I can't remember the last time I added to my list of electronic gadgetry that was supported by a great app. This time, it's refreshingly different. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35's app works to support not outshine the product. It's simple, intuitively designed and uncluttered. It does what it's supposed to do without making lofty promises it can't deliver on. I find that a refreshing change.

As a final addition, and not one I'd recommend testing for yourself, the Bose QC 35's have even survived an unintentional water bath. A leaking water canteen + headphones + dry sack = you get the drift!
The best part though - they survived beautifully by simply letting them air dry completely. Switched on when convinced they were dry and voila! they worked ever as efficiently. 10 more brownie points to you, Bose!

While, the number of wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market swells ever more every day and the Bose Quiet Comfort series is pricier than most, buying them is every bit like finding your perfect someone. When it fits, it just fits.

Note: This isn't a paid/sponsored review but includes affiliate links.

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