What's in my bag?


So, I've been watching a lot of what's in my bag videos lately and that got me thinking. About 5 years ago it would have been hilarious for me to do a "What's in my bag?" video, especially since I'm pretty sure that, like a turtle, I carried my universe with me. I still love big, roomy, unstructured bags, but now I don't feel like I always NEED one.

It wasn't uncommon to hear a friend, say "If there's a flood or a hurricane, I want to be stuck with you." Delightful as I might be, it was clear that I mostly lugged around stuff that I rarely every used myself.

Enter - My decluttering, downsizing attempts!

To me that meant downsizing and giving up the fear of not being prepared for every eventuality. I now carry a small cross body bag with a synthetic foldable tote for impromptu grocery shopping  or as a temporary hold-all I need on occasion.
What's in my bag? - Fossil Cross body bag.
Fossil Cross body bag

It's been a while since I've been carrying this around and guess what? I have no regrets.

I'd love to hear about your bags and what essential items you can't leave home without. Go ahead check out my What's in my bag? video and leave me a COMMENT below.

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