Packing Light - 10 days in Goa


I just got back from the sunny coast of Goa. It was a 10-day-trip that included lots of beach time, seafood and a wedding party. The weather was perfect - about 35°C in the day and a cool 16°C in the evenings. Even though it was a road trip with no luggage restrictions, I was happy to take just my Tortuga Air Carry On backpack and a small cross body bag. 

I haven't included my travel outfit in my Packing Light - 10 days in Goa packing list, so here's a representation of what I wore:

We had access to laundry facilities and that played a big part in being able to travel so light. 

Packing List - 10 days in Goa - Here's what I took...   

While I had every intention of working out a little during this trip, our packed itinerary had me swimming and walking enough to cover my exercise routine. The great part about this kind of workout wear (pic is representational) is that it easily doubles as lounge wear or an extra set of jammies.

As with most of my trips, packing cubes help me stay organised and my Eagle Creek 
Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set is ultra light and compresses the volume of what you are carrying beautifully.

Now let's get right into the video...

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