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Hi guys,

Guess what just arrived - my new Tortuga Air Carry On Backpack! Well, I've been waiting for this bag for a loooong time. I've travelled with my previous backpack for the last 10 years. It wasn't branded or expensive but still got the job done.

But... since it's beginning to look a little worse for wear now and I knew I'd need to get a new one soon. I researched out a whole bunch of bags... everything from the Pacsafe Security Backpacks and the ebag Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible to the Patagonia Transport MLC® (Maximum Legal Carry-On) 45L and the Aeronaut 45 - Maximum Carry-On Travel Bag by Tom Bihn.

But its safe to say that the more I read, watched or looked at these other bags the more I liked the idea of the Tortuga Backpacks. However, aside from the video and images on the website (Click here to check out the website) there was no real time reference of the Tortuga Air. If, like me you need more than that the brand website, I hope you find this video useful.

I was even able to pack for a week-long beach trip with room to spare. 

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  1. Found your review on YouTube, because I'm trying to decide on a travel backpack. I'm leaning towards the Air (mostly because I'm too short for the full size Tortuga), but am worried if I can fit everything in the Air. Your review made me think I can do it, because I am trying to be a minimalist packer. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Robyn,

      I've just returned from a 10 beach side holiday and I can tell you that the Air is a solid choice. It does everything it promises and more. My packing video should be up soon, so hopefully that will give you some idea of what it looks like with a heavy load. Happy travels! :)

  2. I’ve found it fits my travel style and it goes from 27 to 32 to fit any souvenirs or Knick knacks I want to bring back too... I’ve not had any trouble with it so far ��

  3. The design of the backpack is sleek and very easy to carry.

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